UNSOM accused of embezzling Funds meant for Media

The United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM) has been accused of embezzling Funds from UN that was intended to help the media in the coverage of the ongoing elections.

A reliable sources told that UNSOM has contracted a Kenyan media company named CAT to work on the Somali election coverage.

The sources also said the UNSOM’s IST head John Hutchings and his girl friend Cassandra Nelson have secretly signed a $200,000 agreement with the Kenyan-based CAT.

CAT takes only $40,000 and the rest of the a large sum of money intended for Somali media will went into wrong hands in the UNSOM officers, John Hutchings and Cassandra Nelson.

Somalia’s ministry of information has banned CAT from entering the country after receiving this information of the corruption of the money meant to support local Media cover the polls.

The Somali ministry of information has asked the UNSOM to give more explanation about the alleged embezzled money and the secret deal with CAT without its prior consent.

UNSOM gave a contract of election coverage for a foreign media company in Kenya, as Somali National TV facilitating and assisting independent media houses cover the elections.

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